Hello,  My name is James Pridgen and our family is serving the Lord as missionaries in Uganda, Africa.

We have been serving the Lord in Uganda since 1998.

We are starting churches, training pastors, and helping to educate children.

Our Family:
Birth dates
James                 June 8
Cheryl                April 1
Jennifer              May 24, 1998
Michelle             October 9, 2001
Kimberly            December 30, 2003
Stephen              June 10, 2006
Joseph                February 17, 2010

Wedding Anniversary
December 16, 1995



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  1. Robert Weiss

    Hi Bro.Pridgen,

    My name is Robert Weiss,I am a friend of Dave Parker. I have been corresponding with a young man in Uganda. He needs to know exactly what city you are working in. please give me your location so that if possible he might visit you.

    • jamespridgen

      Hello, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We are just now starting to uses our web site. We are located in Kansanga in Kampala, Uganda.

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